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A CivicTechYYC Project

Using Blockchain technology for public good.

The Approach

Blockchain technology is emerging, unique, and not broadly understood (As an aside, we've found the videos on this page to be immensely helpful in illustrating the concept).

The CivicTechYYC Blockchain Experiments are a process of learning and discovery, to explore the unique characteristics of Blockchain technology and how we might make them more human.

The focus for these experiments is on Volunteers and Volunteer Organizations, and how Blockchain technology might help address an unmet need or challenge. Here's how we propose to work:


Any good Human Centred Design process starts with curiosity and an open heart. Calgary is a city of persistent volunteer spirit, but Volunteer Organizations come and go. How can we help?


In theory Blockchain technology is decentralized and immutable, but just how resilient is this information? What are the practical limits to storing information on a Blockchain? How intuitive is the process for a non-technical person?


What are some key questions or hunches based on our initial listening and learning? How might we create working prototypes that help us understand the limits and possibilities of the technology?

Start a conversation

How might our prototypes help spark conversations? Do these conversations validate or invalidate our hunches and how do they inform next steps?

Share Knowledge

How do we iterate based on our insights and share this knowledge as broadly as possible with volunteer organizations and the open source community?

Create Useful Tools

How can we deliver usable, useful, and compelling experiences where lessons learned are captured along the way, and not just at the very end?

Experiment 1

experiment one


How might we help preserve an existing dataset of volunteer deeds, long after the organization that created it (or the platform that hosted it) is gone?

Experiment 2

experiment two

Good Deeds Registry

How might we help people capture and preserve data on new volunteer deeds that doesn’t already exist?

Experiment 3

experiment three

Giving Credit

How might we help people and organizations to incent and reward new volunteer deeds, not only capturing and preserving data but adding new value to the system?

Experiment X

experiment x


Are you thinking of another experiment that might help us understand Blockchain through the lens of volunteerism? Feel free to spin something up!

Your Invitation

Our group is comprised of developers and non-developers alike. Feel welcome to introduce yourself, the things you'd like to work on and the skills you bring to the table. Everyone is invited!